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Bair Hugger Patient Warming Systems

Bair Hugger Patient Warming Systems

Bair Hugger Patient Warming Systems – We are the dealers of 3M Bair Hugger Patient Warming Unit, Patient Warming Device, Patient Warming Unit.

Warm From the Start.Every Patient. Every Time.

Anesthetized patients can’t regulate their temperature The body’s physiological response to anesthesia places virtually every anaesthetized surgical patient at risk for unintended hypothermia, regardless of age, sex or physical condition. Research shows that core body temperature drops rapidly (up to 1.6ºC in the first hour alone) following the induction of anesthesia. Unfortunately, unintended hypothermia remains an all-too common and costly complication of surgery despite its association with higher mortality rates, longer hospital stays and an increased rate of wound infection.

The good news: unintended hypothermia is easily preventable Studies show that warming patients to maintain a core temperature of 36.0ºC or higher helps improve outcomes by reducing the frequency of complications often associated with unintended hypothermia. Forced-air warming offers a safe, simple, cost-effective method to prevent unintended hypothermia and its complications.

3M Bair Hugger Patient Warming Systems – Model 775 

3M Bair Hugger Patient Warming Systems therapy’s temperature management units have become the standard of excellence in forced-air warming. Our temperature management units are small, lightweight and easy to use. More importantly, each unit is designed to provide clinically effective patient warming at safe air delivery temperatures.

  • Our latest advancement in forced-air warming – the Bair Hugger Model 775 temperature management unit – is the future gold standard in patient warming.Adjustable airflow, precise temperature delivery and ease of use from a single, quiet warming unit
  • Two airflow settings and hose-end temperature sensing ensure precise temperature delivery and compatibility with all Bair Hugger blanket styles – pediatric to adult
  • Three temperature sensors and adjustable airflow provide safe, quick temperature response and greater heat transfer
  • Tracks and reports forced-air warming therapy duration, over-temperature information, calibration, built-in hour meter and fault codes all via the front panel – no need to open the unit
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