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Tynor Wrist Brace With Thumb (Neoprene)

Tynor Wrist Brace With Thumb (Neoprene)


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Tynor Wrist Brace With Thumb (Neoprene)

Wrist brace Thumb(Neoprene) supports, protects and partially immobilizes the wrist while allowing free and natural movement of the thumb and fingers. It compresses the area and retains the body heat to allay local pain and inflammation.

  • Versatile closing system.
  • Optimal therapeutic warmth.
  • Controlled four way compressions.
  • Anatomical thumb placement..

Salient Feature

Neoprene layer bonded with nylon fabric on both sides

  • Four way strechability and compression.
  • Ensures longer life.
  • Appealing aesthetics with color fastness.

Wrap around design and UBL closing system

  • Ensure easy application and removal
  • Customized compression and fitting
  • Better sizing flexibility
  • Better grip and support

Anatomical thumb opening

  • Provides slight abduction for better comfort of the thumb.
  • Allows full finger dexterity but prevents wrist rotation.

Thicker neoprene

  • Better body heat retention
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Faster healing

Sizes Available:Universal

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Measure circumference evenly around the wrist joint

  • Model: J 03
  • Manufactured by: Tynor

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