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Urine Collecting Bag With Measured Volume Meter (Urometer)

Urine Collecting Bag With Measured Volume Meter (Urometer)

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Product Features:

  • Urine Collecting Bag with measured volume meter is used for measurement of urine output.
  • 2000ml Urine Bag is manufactured from extra strong sheeting to withstand during the long period.
  • 250 ml Capacity measured Bottle provides accurate measurement of urine output.
  • Urine Bottle is directly connected to the Urine Bag as to avoids any possibility of contamination.
  • Push/Pull type Bottom outlet facilitates convenient emptying of Urine Bag.
  • 90cm kink resistance tube provided with Universal connecter.


Bottle Capacity 

  250ml (Adult)

Bag Capacity 


Tube Length 


  • Model: SMD507-5

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