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Flexifit 407 Nasal mask for CPAP

Flexifit 407 Nasal mask for CPAP


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Flexifit 407 Nasal Mask:


  • Flexifit™ technology automatically adjusts to facial shape and contours
  • The glider provides freedom of movement whilst maintaining seal
  • Advanced air diffuser disperses airflow away from your sleeping partner

The Flexifit™ 407 nasal mask is a fully assembled out of box solution that is designed to fit the most faces.Compact, quiet and effortless to use, the Flexifit™ 407 offers superb comfort. The Flexifit™ technology is a Flexifoam cushion which automatically adjusts to the nasal and facial contours with no major adjustments needed.There is no need for an adjustment at the forehead due to the flexibility of the cushion at the bridge of the nose.

The sliding glider strap provides freedom of movement whilst maintaining a seal. Mask force remains equal when the head rotates from side to side minimizing leakage. The glider clip makes headgear removal easy.The Flexifit™ 407 also has a maintenance free diffuser which is quiet and disperses airflow away from the sleeper's partner.

The FlexiFit 407 has all the great features of its little brother, with the added convenience of Stretchgear Headgear and a maintenance free air diffuser. The FlexiFit 407 premium nasal mask also features a premium frosted silicone seal. This seal technology has a soft, smooth feel to slide onto the face and its frosted texture optimizes the mask seal.

The 407's maintenance free bias diffuser avoids air blowing onto a sleeping partner and decreases noise which makes sleeping a lot easier. Without a material filter to replace, once fitted you have absolutely nothing to worry about anymore. The unique Fisher & Paykel "Fit-and-Forget" design principle and simple fitting instructions means you set the nasal mask up once and leave things as they are for many months.

The FlexiFit 407 nasal mask's Stretchgear Headgear deluxe mask suspension system is a special elastic headgear segment that maintains an equal mask force when the head tilts up or down. This premium headgear solution is very comfortable to wear and supports the mask throughout the night, maintaining a good fit.Speaking of a good seal, the FlexiFit foam cushion auto-contouring fit technology makes this mask adjust easily to a wide variety of nasal features and facial contours. No complicated adjustments are involved and one-step ease of fitting makes it very easy for you to get ready for bed. The Glider Strap anti-leak system further adds to mask stability, providing freedom of movement while maintaining a seal. Pressure on the mask remains equal when you move your head form side to side, minimizing the occurrence of leaks.

As an easy to fit, out of the box solution, the Fisher & Paykel FlexiFit 407 is a great choice for anyone looking for a nasal mask for positive airway pressure delivery.














  • Model: HC407U
  • Manufactured by: Fisher & Paykel

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