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Cheapest AutoCPAP Machine for Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Cheapest AutoCPAP Machine for Obstructive Sleep Apnea


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The Zzz-Pap Auto CPAP is based on the Probasics traditional Zzz-PAP design. It comes a small package with big features that make it a handy and portable travel companion. Probasic Zzz-Pap Auto CPAP features dynamic altitude adjustment, and the best of a comprehensive compliance, efficacy, and data sharing capability with its mini-SD card. Flow sensing technologies minimizes, pressure variations by constantly providing flow resistance with a unique honeycomb structure, resulting in a silent and smooth operating device that provides not only effective therapy but a noise free environment as well. Its additional value for money features also include, a digital clock with alarm and auto shut down to conserve energy. The Zzz-Pap Auto CPAP is equally at home on your bedside table and as a portable travel companion.


Auto CPAP Mode


Provides optimum therapy while sleeping with unique and patented honeycomb structured flow sensing technology for improved patient comfort and convenience.

Compact and Light


The Probasics Zzz-Pap Auto CPAP is a sleek and lightweight device, that comes with a universal 100V-240V power supply making it a highly versatile travel device.

Effective Compliance and Data Monitoring


Provides effective monitoring of therapy and convenient data sharing with the Mini-SD card and Zzz-WARE Compliance Software.

Dynamic Altitude Adjustment


Zzz-Pap Auto CPAP's compactness combines with its automatic altitude adjustment to make it a versatile travel companion.

Noise Free Operation


Guarantees a restful nights sleep with no interruptions.

Integrated Heated Humidifier


Packaged with a dishwasher safe reservoir, the integrated heated humidifier (Optional Accessery) for the Probasics Zzz-PAP™ and Zzz-PAP AUTO units is temperature controllable and features overheat protection and safety switch for the water chamber. It provides relief of nasal irritation by providing humidity.

Ergonomic Design


Presents an easy to use rotary dial for heat adjustment, and high visibility indicators that show when power and heater are on

  • Model: 9S005002

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