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Fisher & Paykel ICON Auto CPAP machine is the best one which is reasonably priced, yet high quality.

The Fisher & Paykel ICON Auto CPAP Machine really does have everything - compact size, built-in humidification, an alarm clock, heated tubing and a modern, stylish design. The ICON is the result of years of research conducted by Fisher & Paykel, combining their technology with the input of CPAP users worldwide. The results is one of the most intelligent CPAP machines to date.

It offers world class unique features such as 

  1. Built-in Humidifier
  2. Memory Card - that can be connected to USB directly without need of any additional card reader
  3. Extensive patient reporting and history with the help of above memory card
  4. SenseAwake (The machine recognizes that you are awake in the midnight and reduces the pressure and then increases the pressure when you are back in deep sleep - very important for the patient comfort who cannot tolerate high pressures while awake)
  5. The CPAP tubing is also reinforced with the heated wire so as to prevent the condensation of water molecules and water droplets entering in the system.
  6. Above all, 2 YEARS REPLACEMENT WARRANTY WORLDWIDE.  Meaning... in case of breakdown of the machine, we don't send our engineer to repair, but we replace with the new machine.  This is offered NOT by our company, but by Fisher & Paykel company.
This is the best value for money.  Besides, Fisher and Paykel offers a range of Full face mask or Nasal Mask to choose from.  We offer the mask free for the above price besides the CPAP tubing.
For more details, please visit ICON micro-site or F&P corporate site at
You can download the brochure from here.

ICON - redefining what a CPAP machine is


Fisher & Paykel's ICON Auto CPAP Machine redefines what a CPAP is and does. No longer is it an awkward, unsightly piece of medical equipment by the side of your bed; now its a modern, multi-functional equipment that just so happens to offer excellent therapy. It's intelligent design means that rather than taking up space on your bedside table, it saves it. With a built-in alarm clock and humidifier, it is the complete CPAP therapy unit - and all in a compact package with a stylish, contemporary design.



The first thing you'll notice about the ICON is its eye-catching design. Sleek, modern and minimal, its a design that will easily fit into your bedroom. No longer is your CPAP machine an eye-sore! The built-in alarm clock means there's no need to have two electrical items fighting for space, you have both in one small unit. Rather than waking up to annoying bleeping, you can have the ICON play some of your favourite songs to wake you up instead. You simply put the songs onto the USB memory stick provided and then use a song as your wake-up call.


Built-in humidification


One thing you may not spot instantly though is that the ICON has a built-in humidifier, which may be hard to believe judging by its size. This allows for more comfortable therapy; no more cold air, no more waking up with a dry mouth. For those used to having the humidifier added separately will be particularly appreciative of its design, saving the trouble of finding more space for the humidifier to sit in as well. All the benefits of humidification, with the negative aspects of an additional outlay and the increased footprint.


Thermosmart prevents humidification drawbacks


Those who have used humidification before will know that for all its benefits, it is not without its drawbacks also. Because the air contains warm moisture, when it touches the cold tubing it condenses, leaving water in the pipe and in your mask. This can also cause loud gargling noises as the air passes through a pool of water that has built up in the pipe. The ICON though has heated tubing, eliminating condensation and ensuring the air is still as warm and moisturising when it reaches your mask as it was when leaving the machine. So now you get all the benefits of humidification, with none of the drawbacks.



  • Model: ICONAAA
  • Manufactured by: Fisher & Paykel

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