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Thermicare Disposable Hypothermia Full body suit Pediatric

Thermicare Disposable Hypothermia Full body suit Pediatric


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Thermicare Full body suit Pediatric - Head cover; vest; 2 X hand sleeves; 2 X leggings

Postoperative heat loss during surgery is still unavoidable, but the inadvertent perioperative and postoperative hypothermia indeed is largely preventable. Hypothermia remains the most frequent complication of surgery under anesthesia. It is also well accepted that pediatric and infant patients lack sophisticated and intrinsically complex thermoregulatory mechanism allowing them to usually maintain a core body temperature within plus or minus 0.5 C.

  1. Heat retentive, insulating Full Body Patient Suit keeps patients warm by controlling heat loss
    from radiation and convection - accounting for up to 90% of the body heat loss during surgery.
  2. Consistently delivers warmer patients to the Post Operative Ward when used Peri-operatively.
  3. Aluminum retains heat, thereby preventing heat loss and hypothermia
  4. Nonwoven Cotton backing sheet enhances patient comfort and reduces the cooling effects of evaporation caused by perspiration.
  5. Laminated CPP Layer acts as a water repellent to fluids
  6. Non-conductive, safe to use with electrosurgical equipment.
  7. Radiolucent and Anti-Static
  8. Different components of the Full Body Patient Suit listed below may be detached / attached using Velcro as per the convenience.
  9. Aperture at surgical site may be created as per the requirements

Superiority over Conventional System:

  1. Mobile - No need of Bulky Heating unit following the patient to OT, ICU, Post Operative Ward etc.
  2. No Noise - Any discipline such as Plastic Surgery, Neuro Surgery or Eye Surgery, where quite atmosphere is preferred, noise generated by heating unit is unacceptable
  3. Cost - No Hardware means No Capital cost and related maintenance cost

Standard Accessories

  1. Unique Head Cover alone prevents 25% to 40% of body heat loss
  2. Unique Leggings can be effectively used even in the most difficult LITHOTOMY position.
  3. Extra long hand sleeves to prevent erratic reading of pulse oxymeter
  4. Upper body vest to allow maximum coverage of the patient for effective warming

  • Model: YT-5050P
  • Manufactured by: Thermicare

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