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Thank you for your interest in becoming our Distributor..!

We have two type of Distributors.

  1. Conventional Distributors

  2. E-Commerce Distributors

The Details are as follows:

1. Conventional Distributors:

Distributors who already have an established company with Sales Tax Registration with investment potential may signup as Conventional Distributor.  You are required to maintain optimum Stock / Inventory.  Once you signup using this Registration Form, your account will be approved manually after verifying your Tax / TIN number and other details provided.  After approval, you will get access to the Distributor prices.  You may start ordering through our ONLINE SELF-SERVICE ordering system.  If you wish to have Sole Distribution (Exclusive Distribution) for your territory, you are also required to sign an agreement with the commitment of minimum guaranteed monthly / yearly sales volume.  Please click here to Register

2.  E-Commerce Distributors:

If you are an individual without an established company, but having wide contacts, it is the best opportunity for you to encash your contacts..!  For example, if you are a Clinician, Therapist, Physiotherapist, Technician, Medical Representative, Sales Representative, Website owners and etc.,  you are invited to be our strategic Business Partner by becoming our E-Commerce Distributor. 

Business Plan:

  1. Once you sign-up with us as our Affiliated E-Commerce Distributor, you will be paid the Commission for every business generated by you.  No matter, whether it is online or offline sales.
  2. Our products (all thousands of products listed in our are your products.
  3. Our online Catalog is your Catalog.
  4. Our selling price is your selling price.
  5. Our warehouse is your warehouse.
  6. Our inventory (stock) is your inventory.
  7. Our shipping service provider is your shipping service provider (Logistics).
  8. Our Customer Service Executives are your Customer Service Executives.
  9. Our E-Commerce Online Store is your Store.
  10. Well... last but not least... our profits are your profits.   Yes.. we both share our profits.

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