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E-Commerce in Healthcare Supply Chain Management to help Hospitals SAVE LIVES...

Hospitals are in the business of saving lives. Hospitals need to focus on their patients and can’t afford to waste time with manual order forms for thousands of individual line items. Each hospital is stocked with thousands of products from bandages and dressings to diagnostic equipments. It is imperative that hospitals must maintain optimum levels of stock and their Supply Chain system is also reliable.

Many hospitals are still using conventional paper based manual supply chain management systems and faxing or posting orders to individual suppliers. Our humble effort is to help hospitals not only to offer the best in patient care, but also to implement the most effective supply chain systems to support patient care.

For achieving greater efficiency in our supply chain management we have employed state-of-the-art, fully automated B2B e-commerce platform. Our latest technology allows Hospitals to digitally transmit purchase orders, thereby reducing the time and effort required to order items for the hospital and data entry of invoices etc..

Above all, as our prices are published in our Online Store, even hospitals from small towns / remote places get instant access to the wholesale prices (as sold in Wholesale market such as Bhagirath Palace / Nyniappa Naicken Street), hitherto available only for big Corporate Hospitals of Metros. Hospitals are no longer required to waste their precious time by engaging in various unproductive activities such as searching for source of supply, comparing prices, negotiations etc. We are striving to offer ONE-STOP-SHOP for all the merchandises and are constantly adding several products to our system every day.

With the help of our unique combination of rich experience, knowledge and wisdom in selling Medical Devices coupled with outstanding expertise in Computer / Internet / Software / e-commerce, we have attempted to infuse e-commerce into Medical Devices.. Yes, that’s our Slogan – “INFUSING E-COMMERCE INTO MEDICAL DEVICES”.

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Gopinath Goswami

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